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A constant supply of fresh mushrooms seemed like a good idea, so we have started to grow our own at Gecko Villa. We chose to launch our mushroom hut with the Het Khone - or "Termite Mushroom" - variety.

We constructed a simple hut using a black polyethelyne material to make heat-absorbing walls, and a straw roof. The floor of the hut is simply earth, kept wet to ensure a high level of humidity.

After boiling large quantities of straw in water in an old oil can over an open fire, we bundled the straw into blocks, layered with the mushhroom spores.

thailand mushroom farm

Within only a few days, our first crop is ready. Today we will make a mushroom broth with chili and fermented fish - an Isan speciality - and also a gratin with garlic and cheese, in the French style. 

het khone mushroom termite




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