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We are often asked about the salt water chlorinator system we use in the swimming pool at Gecko Villa, here in northeast Thailand. So here is a quick summary of installing and using your own salt water system in Thailand or elsewhere.

In short, a salt water pool uses a hidden salt cell near the pump and filter to pass a low current through the salt water,  producing water and chlorine though chemical reaction. The chlorine sanitizes the swimming pool before the compunds revert to salt water.

Advantages of salt water pool chlorinators

  • No need to store liquid or powder chlorine chemicals.
  • No strong chlorine smell
  • Ease of maintenance - just add a bag of pool salt into your pool when required - generally in times of heavy rainfall.
  • Salt water is generally softer on the skin and hair, and provides a more agreeable swimming experience.
  • Relative ease of installation
  • Low cost of salt vs. chlorine

Disadvantages of salt water cells

  • Relatively high replacement cost for the plates component of the cell, although generic replacements are cheaper and work well.
  • Models that do not feature automatic reverse polarity should be avoided, as these involve regular manual cleaning with an acid solution.

Just as with any other swimming pool systems, it is necessary to ensure the correct PH / water balance in the pool, in order that the relatively  low levels of chlorine produced by the unit can remain effective.

How much does a salt water chlorinator cost in Thailand?

Well, how long is a piece of string?

The system you will require will depend primarily on the size and volume of your swimming pool. Other factors, such as bather load (the number of people who normally use the pool), the immediate environment, exposure to the sun  and the ambient temperature also play a part.

That said, prices vary enormously. Pool distributors often feel they have a captive market and generally charge huge mark-ups. We have regualrly been quoted prices that are several hundred percent more than the base price. In addition, reliability is a factor, and not all brands are created equal.

Do you have a salt water chlorinator installation diagram?

Installation will vary, but generally the cell and automatic control box will be positioned together with the pool filter and pump in a manner similar to that indicated in the diagram below:

Thailand saltwater chlorinator

If you are looking to install - or to swap to - a salt water cell pool system in Thailand, do your homework, or drop us a line and, with over 15 years experience of using these systems,  we will do our best to point you in the right direction.



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