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Ban Chiang UNESCO world heritage pottery

Ban Chiang was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1992, following its accidental discovery 26 years earlier. It is located in Nong Han district of Udon Thani province, and is only a twenty minute drive from Gecko Villa.

Excavations have shown that the site was formerly a place of habitation with an adjoining burial ground, and artefacts discovered there and subsequently dated reveal that the area was continually inhabited between 1495BC to 600AD. This in turn means that the site is the oldest prehistoric dwelling and farming site in Southeast Asia.

On display with signs in both English and Thai are objects uncovered there, from axe heads to human skeletons, examples of the village's renowned red clay pottery, ornaments for personal embellishment and more.

Learn more about visiting on Gecko Villa's Ban Chiang Museum page, or visit the archaeological site's official listing with UNESCO.

Just in front of the museum at this sleepy rural village are small shops selling reproductions of the area's famous swirled motif pottery and other handicrafts, as well as simple food and drink stalls.

Ban Chiang Museum Opening Times and Directions

The museum is open from 8.30 to 16.30 daily, with the exception of Mondays, when it is closed. If you plan to drive there, simply use the following longitude and latitude GPS coordinates: 17.406796; 103.240586.



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