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Thailand Villas Pink Lotus lake free boat trip
Book a three night stay or more for any dates in January 2012 at either Gecko Villa or our traditional Thai villa Green Gecko  - and enjoy a free boat trip on the stunning pink lotus lake.
January is the perfect month to experience the beautiful wetlands, carpetted in blossoming pink lotus flowers. This secret and magical wonderworld hides behind the giant snails and thick elephant grasses by the banks of the "Talay Bua Daeng" or Pink Lotus Lake near the villas.  Our traditional wooden longboat will take you out through this curtain of long reeds and grasses, to the vast pink expanse of clear waters and lotus flowers beyond, as inqusitive swallows dart by, and fishermen cast their circular nets in a serenely peaceful setting. Simply relax and soak up the calm and beauty of this hidden tropical paradise, or gather some lotus stems to make a spicy, fresh salad for lunch!

Homer's Odysseus related how those tasting the lotus fruit saw any thought of returning home simply evaporate: ‘On the tenth day we set foot on the land of the lotus-eaters, who eat a flowery food.... Then straightway we went and mixed with the men of the lotus-eaters, and so it was that the lotus-eaters devised not death for our fellows, but gave them of the lotus to taste. Now whosoever of them did eat the honey-sweet fruit of the lotus, had no more wish to bring tidings nor to come back, but there he chose to abide with the lotus-eating men, ever feeding on the lotus and forgetful of his homeward way. Therefore I led them back to the ships weeping, and sore against their will, and dragged them beneath the benches, and bound them in the hollow barques. But I commanded the rest of my well-loved company to make speed and go on board the swift ships, lest haply any should eat of the lotus and be forgetful of returning." 

Perhaps the "swift ships" are today's airliners, and once you have visited the lotus lake you will indeed be "forgetful of returning!"



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