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Songran Festival  Thai New Year 

With the days across Thailand getting hotter and hotter as we approach Songkran (the Thai New Year), many locals and residents are pondering where to spend the days from 13-16th April.

As the word Songkran refers to the change of position of the sun and means to move, pass or change place - from the Sanskrit Samkranti - thoughts of travelling are indeed appropriate.

Many have already booked an escape abroad from the relentless water throwing and mayhem, whilst others will head for Chiang Mai - and a minority will choose to experience a Bangkok seen only one a year - with quiet roads and crowd-free streets reminiscent of Paris in August.

Gecko Villa is currently available on a "first-come, first-served" basis for the Songkran festival. Cocooned at the villa, you can relax without interruption and make your own choices about when to get wet - simply rolling from the sun-drenched deck into the private pool. Enjoy freshly cooked Thai meals during your stay and, when you have recharged your batteries, you can venture out into the local rice farming villages that come alive with returnees from the capital and elsewhere, keen to celebrate this festival with music, dancing, rice whisky .. and wild water wars. 

Visit us online now and start planning your escape to the rice paddies! After all, the idyllyic picture of Songkran above now no longer reflects the raucous reality, and it's only in the countryside that you can escape to true relaxation...



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